Alaska Adventure FAQ’s

Preparing for your upcoming trip with us at Soaring Eagle Lodge? Check out the most commonly asked questions and answers to help guide you.

Q: What do we need to pack for the week?

A: Trying to pack for a vacation is always a struggle because you never know what to expect with the climate. We have created a packing list of everything you will need while you are here visiting us! You can check out the list online here: Soaring Eagle Lodge Packing Recommendations


Q: How far is the drive from Anchorage to our cottage?

A: All of our guests fly into Anchorage to begin their trip. The drive down to your cottage can be anywhere between 3.5hrs-4hrs of drive time. Often times, new arrivals are mesmerized by the beautiful scenery and stop along the way to take it in, which will add time to the drive. The week prior to your arrival, we will send specific details and instructions to better help you prepare for your arrival!

Q: What time can I check in to the lodge?

A: Check-in time is anywhere between 3-5pm. When you arrive, our staff will be there to help you take bags and groceries to your cottage and get you settled in. They will also go over our detailed orientation guide to make sure all your questions are answered prior to starting your vacation!

Q: What time is checkout time on Saturday? 

A: Due to the fact that we have more guests arriving on Saturday, we ask that your cabin is empty by 10am on your final day.

Q: What hotels in Anchorage have shuttles to the airport?

A: Often times, guests will arrive Friday, prior to your stay with us, and need a hotel to stay in Anchorage. The rental cars we book are generally available the following morning at 9AM (unless specified otherwise). In addition to arrival, guests will also return their car and stay in Anchorage for a night before returning home. That being said, there are a variety of different hotels in Anchorage that provide shuttle service to the airport, making it super easy to make it to your flight.

There are many other options available as well; these are just a few options.

Q: What is covered with the rental car?

A: When you choose to book a rental car with us, it is covered for a 7-day period with Enterprise. Once we have you booked with Enterprise, we will send you a confirmation. You will NOT be able to check this online, as this is done on our corporate account, which allows our guests to received rentals at a lower rate. Rates vary depending on time of year, duration of rental (if contracted longer than 7-days), and type of rental.

We do not cover anything after 7 days (unless contracted to do so) and we also do not cover gas costs. If rental cars are returned after the return time. guests will be required to cover those costs.

Q: Does our cottage have a kitchen? 

A: Every cottage does have a full kitchen. Your kitchen will be equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, oven, coffee pot, dishes, and silverware, making it ready for your use when you arrive!

Q: Do you provide us food?

A: Soaring Eagle does not provide food as of 2016 season and on. We do have coffee, sugar, creamer, tea, salt, and pepper, available for your use. Our guests are recommended to stop in Soldotna on their way through to get any food they may want for the week. You will need to pack a lunch on most adventures, so be sure to keep that in mind when shopping.

There are local groceries as follows:

  • Anchorage: Wal Mart, Target, Costco, Safe Way, Fred Meyers, Save U More
  • Soldotna/ Kenai: Wal Mart, Safe Way, Fred Meyers, Save U More
  • Ninilchik: Local general store
  • Homer: Safe Way and Save U More

Q: Do our cottages have washers and dryers?

A: Some of our cottages do have washers and dryers in their physical cottage. The other cottages don’t have units directly in their cottage, but there is a washer and dryer in the front of the property for Soaring Eagle Lodge guest use exclusively. We do provide laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and hampers for all guests.

Q: Does the lodge have Wi-Fi? 

A: Due to the fact that cell phone service in the area is spotty for most, all cottages are equipped with Wi-Fi available for guest use. The cottages also have satellite television as well, to kick back and relax after a full day of adventures.

Q: How do we get our fish home?

A: While visiting Soaring Eagle Lodge, most of our guests do quite a bit of fishing. Processing is done by Ninilchik Charters throughout the duration of your stay. There are two different options in regards to getting your fish home. The first option is picking up your fish before you leave to head to Anchorage. Ninilchik Charters packages the fish in a travel box and this will allow you to check it as another bag once you get to the airport. The second option is for guests who aren’t going directly home. Ninilchik Charters offers shipping options through FedEx. This route can cost anywhere from $200 and up due to the fact that you are shipping overnight or 2-day from Alaska.

Q: Do the cabins have hair dryers? 

A: Yes, your cottage is equipped with both a hair dryer and curling iron for your use during your stay!

Q: Is tipping on our adventures customary?

A: Yes! It is customary to tip adventure guides while visiting us. We do not include this in your package due to this being a personal choice. Standard range is 20% on full priced rates. Feel free to ask any assistant working at the adventure facility for help on what is customary for their guides.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time for assistance at 907.953.6688 or! We look forward to seeing you this Summer!